The traditional route to selling your home involves a lot of work.

First, people want to buy move-in ready homes.

  • Does your home need new flooring? New paint?
  • How old is the kitchen? How about the roof, or the HVAC system?

Houses that are updated to current styles inside and out, and have no structural or costly issues for buyers, are the ones that sell quickly. So if this isn’t how you’d categorize your house, then you have a lot of work to do, and a lot of money to spend!

Next, you need to engage a real-estate agent. They’ll help you set the price, then they’ll market and show your home, and if all goes well it’ll sell in a few months. At closing, you’ll likely pay a 6% agent commission plus closing costs, which eats into your sale.

Or, you could sell it to us!

We remove the hassles for you:

  • We buy your home as-is.
  • We cover your closing costs.
  • There are no real-estate agent commissions to pay.
  • We can usually close much faster than a traditional sale.